Cremation Cost Estimate

This guide is for budgeting purposes. Costs for cemetery property and grave marker are not included. Dollar amounts are estimated averages in your area.
Cremation: Good  $1,500 Better  $3,250 Best  $8,000
  Direct cremation, including removal and shelter of remains, transportation to crematory, necessary authorizations and alternative container. Direct cremation, including removal and shelter of remains, transportation to crematory, necessary authorizations, alternative container and memorial visitation and funeral service without the body present. Traditional funeral with cremation after memorial visitation and funeral service with the body present, transportation to crematory, necessary authorizations, and alternative container to hold the remains for cremation.


Alternative container — An unfinished wood box or other nonmetal receptacle without ornamentation, often made of fiberboard, pressed wood or composition materials, and generally lower in cost than a casket.

Cemetery services — Opening and closing graves, crypts or niches; setting grave liners and vaults; setting markers; long-term maintenance of cemetery grounds and facilities.

Columbarium — A structure with niches for placing cremated remains in urns or other approved containers. It may be outdoors or part of a mausoleum.

Grave liner or outer container — A concrete cover that fits over a casket in a grave. Some liners cover the top and sides of the casket. Others, referred to as vaults, completely enclose the casket. Grave liners minimize ground settling.

Interment — Burial in the ground, inurnment or entombment.

Inurnment — Placing cremated remains in an urn.

Lid piece — A small floral arrangement that is usually displayed inside the casket.

Mausoleum — A building in which remains are buried or entombed.

Steel gauge — A measure of thickness: the lower the number, the thicker the steel.

Urn — A container to hold cremated remains. It can be placed in a columbarium or mausoleum, or buried in the ground.

Vault — A grave liner that completely encloses a casket.

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