Funeral Consumer Guardian Society

Member Benefits

Senior Planning Member benefits are provided by the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society (FCGS) absolutely free of any extra charge.

Funeral Planning Assistance: FCGS helps you get your Funeral Plan done according to your wishes. It will be one of your most important personal documents upon your death. It answers the questions that must be answered, and makes the decisions that must be made. Your Funeral Plan can prevent confusion... arguments...worry. It can also prevent over-spending by loved ones during an emotionally vulnerable time for them, because your Plan puts you in charge of what your funeral will cost.

Funeral Funding Information: FCGS can help you make sure that the person taking care of your final arrangements for you will quickly receive the money they will need to pay your funeral bills — without putting any big financial strain on you. Funeral Cost Estimate

Funeral Plan Security Service: FCGS stores your Funeral Plan safely for you in its secure computer archives. It is available to you any time through a special coded ID card. Revise your Funeral Plan as you wish — no problem.

Funeral Plan Activation Help: One phone call to notify FCGS of your passing — saves loved ones from a lot of work and stress. FCGS contacts the selected funeral home... provides them with your Funeral Plan... supports the budgetary details as set forth in your Plan... helping your family find price discounts whenever possible.